The Week from the Administrator's Desk

It snow joke

Hi all,

A week of many different weather systems, and snow due on Sunday - I do love a bright crisp morning though!

Ben’s C@H sermon series on Psalms continues this Sunday with Psalm 42, join the Zoom at 9.45 for a collective viewing of the service, and that’s followed by coffee and a chance to catch up.

Kids@Home kicks off at 10am, this always worth a watch, and lovely to see the children growing up on screen!

While we are talking tech, has your computer got an I 7 CPU, and if so please let me know!


We are also going to offer Zoom training to help you put people into breakout groups etc too, or if you would just like to feel more confident with Zoom generally please tell me that too.

Morning Prayer is using the ‘Ordinary Time’ booklet, but the daily readings are attached to this email, along with all the zoom codes etc for church events.

Alpha started this week, and the Bereavement Journey course starts this coming Thursday.


It’s not too late to join in, just contact the office for more details or to sign up.

This is really the last call to be in the new directory.


Please add yourself even if you feel you are ‘just’ a fringe member of the church at present, if you are engaging at all with us, we count you as part of the family and therefore definitely directoryable!

Easter is on the far horizon, but the Real Easter Eggs are ready to be ordered.


These fairly traded eggs will not be stocked by the supermarkets this year, so if you would like some, contact the office to place an order asap.


They are also plastic packaging free and contain no palm oil either.


More info on the Meaningful Chocolate website

Last Monday was Blue Monday, a day which many people find hard.


It is said to be the day when Christmas seems ages ago, the days are long, dark and often grey, the credit card bills arrive, and there is a lot of month left at the end of your money.


I don’t like Januarys very much, my dad died in this month and I can’t help reliving the stages we all went through at the time, even though it was 28 years ago.


However, tiny steps get you out of these days, doing whatever you need to do to get through them, and above all being kind to yourself.


Most things can wait until you can face them, and some time spent in front of the tv, polishing off the Christmas chocolate shouldn’t make you feel bad.


These crisp bright mornings and green shoots of spring bulbs are reminders of better, longer days to come.


Hang on in there everyone! 

I have always found walking and being out in the fresh air, even just in the garden, to be a great tonic, and my cat, Cassie, has got me opening the backdoor or windows a lot more, even if I work with a blanket over my knees!

I would now like you to begin to hum the tune for Dancing Cheek to Cheek, once you have this firmly in your head, read this exciting announcement on my virtual walking challenge of Land’s End to John O’Groats… 

Devon, I’m in Devon!


I have never sussed quite how big a county Cornwall is, even when I am only walking it virtually, 20 days it’s taken me to walk it, watch this space for how big Devon is, because that looks a lot bigger on the map… I think a well deserved scone is in order this weekend, though I prefer the Cornish way with jam first, then cream, rather than the opposite Devon one - how can you spread jam on cream??  

Anyway whatever you are up to this weekend, stay safe, warm and positive!

Love Px

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