The Week from the Administrator's Desk

Rocks and Rolls

HI all,

Thank you for your patience last week, when we had a technical issue getting C@H online.


Hopefully you took the opportunity to watch the Law Sunday Mattins services from Winchester Cathedral with our own Sue Colman instead!

Next week there will be a communion service at Wootton St. Lawrence at 10.30am, so do book by Wednesday please.

Next Sunday 25 October at Noon, we will be holding the APCM via Zoom, and we will be electing new PCC members etc.


You can only attend the main part of that meeting if you are on the electoral roll, so it’s really important to check!

It’s been busy week for office@home with lots of planning for Christmas!


We will be running some services more than once, so will need a really good bank of people to help welcome, steward, read, lead, and do PA and laptop too.


I had a lot of offers last week, but it’s not too late to volunteer for any of these.


We particularly need to boost the PA and Laptop pool, patient training will be available to anyone who offers, and ongoing support too, so if you are remotely computer literate, or have surprised yourself with your tech skills during lockdown, do step forward!!

I would also like to revive the linen washing team asap too.


I have several communion cloths which need washing currently detoxing in my car, if you would be prepared to take a turn to wash and iron these, let me know.


I could wash them, but ironing….not sure my iron has been used since I’ve lived in Oakley….

I hope you have signed up for the Felton Quiz a week today, you can even be a spectator, so there’s no excuse not to join in the banter!


Stock up on your favourite tipple and munchies and settle down for a night of fun, in the company of those whose faces you have been missing!


As it’s via Zoom this can be enjoyed by everyone, but if the tech still evades you, let me know and we can get you up and running in time!


Let quizmaster Dezza know asap….!!

Whilst your diaries are out, don’t forget to add the new Adult Discipleship evening into the 16 November, more info in the C@H sheet!!

Had a great time last weekend walking on the Isle of Wight - walked the length of Shanklin and Sandown beaches mostly paddling in the sea.


I love the sea, (I may have mentioned this before!) and that repetitive motion of the waves, and the sound of water is the best tonic for my mental health.


There’s something about being there, with the sand between your toes, cold water numbing your ankles, and doing that oochy ouchy tiptoe walking on the rocks and pebbles, that just does it for me!


I love to search for sea glass too, and now have quite a collection, so I need to get on with doing something with it all!


It’s funny how just being surrounded by nature, whether trees, fields, or sea, relieves all the stresses and immediacy of ringing phones, technology, and the fast pace of our lives. I could even forget about the pandemic for a few hours too.


I will return!

This weekend both my sisters are around, it was Christmas when I last saw one of them, and the 3 of us haven’t been together for a least a year.


I love spending time when it’s just us, as we tend to have a right laugh, sharing memories, looking at photos etc.


This time it seems particularly precious as it seems likely it will be a while before we can get together again and it certainly won’t be Christmas this year.


It’s odd to look back and think how much we took for granted before lockdown, does anyone else watch tv programmes and think ‘ooh they are way too close together!’?

Anyway, I am off to meet them for lunch (which I’ve cooked!!)


Let’s hope the sunny weather stays for the weekend eh?

Stay safe one and all… don’t forget to book your quiz slot 

Love Px

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