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House and garden

Hi all,

This Sunday we will be holding Communion Services at 8.00am and 10.00am both at St. Leonard’s, and then heading off to Malshanger for a full Immersion Baptism or two in the Colman’s pool about midday.

There will be no coffee after the 10.00am service, but feel free to bring a picnic to enjoy after the baptism.

Some water biscuits and a Bath Bun perhaps, and a cuppa to dunk them in??

You can also bring rugs, chairs etc.

At my previous church my friend always brought a spare change of clothes in case anyone was moved by the Spirit and made a last minute decision on the day.

This was very helpful, but both her husband and herself were quite short and very slight, unlike the majority of the congregation!

Next week we will be offering a Socially Distanced Communion service at St. Leonard’s on Wednesday at 10.00am.

This service is open to anyone who is clinically vulnerable or looking after others who may be, or is a little anxious about a crowded Sunday service.

Masks and lots of space will be available…

On Sunday 3 July we are inviting everyone to a Summer Party themed Sunday Funday from 3.30pm at the Church and Centre.

Feel free to invite people along for fun and food.

This is the day after the School Fayre when we (the church) are doing the refreshments.

If anyone can spare an hour or two (between 12.20 and 4.30) and/or can rustle up a cake to sell, please let me or Jeni Saunders know… I may have mentioned this before…

We continue to welcome new people to church, and this is such a blessing.

Please make sure that everyone receives a warm welcome at Church and also at the Centre during coffee.

We were all new once, and you may come across your new friend, prayer partner, or team member in the process!

I clearly remember my first visit to St. Len’s, sitting with Chloe behind Helen Miller who couldn’t open her bottle of bubbles in the All Age Service!

(Children’s blowing type bubbles, not the fizzy sort just in case there was any doubt!!)

But the most nerve-wracking bit, was crossing that road and feeling new all over again when entering the Centre… never, ever underestimate how daunting that can be!!

Thankfully we were welcomed and talked to, and introduced to others, so please pass that on if you see someone alone or anxious looking…

My decorating is going well, now that I have decided I do like the colour after all!

However, everywhere is covered in a layer of white dust, which returns no mater how much hoovering, mopping or dusting I do each evening!

It has been a long time coming having the water leak damage repaired, and it’s really made me feel much brighter and more enthusiastic about life in general.

I’m hoping to take in as many of the Oakley Community Association’s Front Garden Stalls tomorrow, purely to avoid breathing in too much dust, you understand..

Have a good weekend whatever you are up to, please hold the baptism candidates in your thoughts and prayers on Sunday if you can’t come along in person.