The Week from the Administrator's Desk

A strange week

Hi all,

A strange week , I am sure you will agree, but how lovely to have the sunshine to enjoy.

Last Sunday, we met in our virtual church to watch Ben, Jo and the boys, and to take part in a service.


This will be repeated this Sunday at 10.00am, with Sue leading the service, along with Crafts with Christine, and some content for the younger members of the church.


If you haven’t got to grips with the technology as yet, do speak to someone you deem to be techy, or a school aged person, and we will get everyone on the internet!

Morning prayer is being said in individual homes, and Night Prayer is happening at 9.00pm on week nights via Zoom.


Help is available to set that up too, if you haven’t downloaded Zoom yet.


Once you have it’s super simple, as you just click the link we send each time.

I attach the new directory.

The Oakley Support Network is up and running for very urgent medical items or very basic food shopping needs.


They are not an alternative to an online shop but there for essential items only.


There are many businesses out there now surviving due to running home delivery services for fruit and veg, bakery products and meat,


If you have the technology to be able to order these, even if they are a little more costly, be do so, as every supermarket shop is potentially a chance for the virus to spread, and have a detrimental effect on the health of the volunteer shopper. 

So be kind to one another, get out when you can or it’s safe to do so.


Get a bit more techy, read a book and do the stuff you’ve been putting off for ages..


I’ve done the bathroom vent and am tackling the shower screen with numerous applications of Cillit Bang..

Stay safe one and all,

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