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Penny's Piece

The week from our Administrator's Desk


Say Cheese

Hi all,

This Sunday the services are at 8.00am and 10.00am at St. Leonard’s, and both are Communions. 

Please note this is different from the front page of the Welcome Sheet, which is giving you very advanced warning for the first May Bank Holiday weekend!

The Midweek Communion returns to St. Leonard’s on Wednesday 17 at 11.00am, with the café operating from 10:30-12:30 in the Centre.

The Annual Parish Church Meeting takes place on Monday 22 April at 7.00pm at the Malshanger Club, where we will be reflecting back a little, and looking to our vision for the future.


There will be the added incentive of Cheese and Wine to lure away from the TV…

However, we need to know how many to cater for, so please book a place ASAP, and no later than midday on Wednesday 17 April please.


There are currently only 14 people signed up, so you wouldn’t want them to consume all the cheese and wine, now would you, but no booking might mean no cheese!! 01256 782724 You have been warned!

Whilst on the subject of bookings, Alpha is still recruiting people that would like to find out a bit more about the Meaning of Life.


There will be a Wednesday evening group starting 24 April, and a Thursday morning group starting the following day.


Perhaps you know of someone you could bring along…?


Let the office, Helen M or Jamie know.

We (for ‘we’ read Derek F!) are going to update the Church Directory, so if you aren’t in the 2023 version for whatever reason, please send me a head and shoulders photo, as soon as possible for inclusion.


If you have returned the Church Suite registration form we will already have your details and permission, we just need a mug shot!


The pic can be taken on your phone, as the quality will be fine. 


These could be very helpful for any insomniacs, or people who just love numbers (clearly not me!)

Sadly, I am not around this weekend so will miss out on seeing Ben’s shiny new tan, until Tuesday at least, by which time the rain may have washed a lot of it away…

Whatever you are up to, enjoy the last few days before the ‘Summer’ term begins, and stay safe and dry!


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