The Week from the Administrator's Desk

To seek and to save the Lost . . . .Property

Hi all,

Another week whooshes by in the hectic life of OWW.


55 people turned up for Messy Church on Tuesday, and the Gap was chocca as usual.


The wedding went well on Saturday – the first of ten this year!

The highlight of the week had to be seeing so many people taking part in Alpha.


The atmosphere was great - the Schoolroom had a lovely hubbub about it, whilst everyone tucked into the delicious food that Alpha (and Brian plus team) is so famous for.


There are still some spaces if you or someone you know might be interested. Please let the Office or Sheila know.

On Sunday at St. Leonard’s there will be an 8.00am Holy Communion Service followed by a 10.00am Morning Service where Ben will be revisiting his Horizons theme.


If you missed last week’s talk don’t forget you can listen via the website.

On Monday the PCC will be meeting for the first time in 2020 and Rowland has continued to expand the storage capacity of the Malshanger Room this week, so if anyone goes missing…

A couple of items to note – the current glasses in the kitchen have been discontinued, so there are now 2 sizes. There are 82 of the old size and 20 of the new. If you are laying tables for Alpha etc, you will still need to use the older design.

If you are a steward there is a new system for yellow envelopes. Please put them in the plastic poches and just put cash in the bank bags. This will make life a lot easier for those doing the banking, plus it should stop the coins falling out of the overstuffed bags!

Sadly a few things in the Centre seem to have gone AWOL lately. Three packs of A3 paper have disappeared from the office along with several notebooks, and the Playschool are missing half a dozen children’s chairs.


We even seem to be missing some of the grey tools that help put the tables down safely. Please return any items as soon as possible without fear of reprisals!

We also seem to have a lot of Lost Property again, plus bits a pieces of kitchen ware. These will be available to view on Sunday, have a look and see if anything might belong to you. 

On a similar theme it would be lovely if we could cut down on the amount of tea choices in the kitchen. The different varieties are lovely but they take up a lot of space, and at this time of year new ‘exotic’ ones often appear, maybe from Christmas gifts and stay for a very long time! We obviously want to offer a couple of fruit and peppermint plus decaf, but I am sure that should be fine. 

It’s nice to be looking at sunshine and the playschool playing out after such a soggy and grey week, but I know that is deceptive as the wind is bitter. We watched the playschool’s cars being blown into the lamppost this morning! I am now waiting for the calls from the dodgy insurance companies!

Not sure of my weekend plans as yet, so can’t thrill you with my exploits this time. I suspect it will include a bit of walking, seeing my Mum, and some time at home in the warm putting my Christmas decs in the loft, now that Rowland has fixed my loft hatch!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, take care and stay safe

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