The Week from the Administrator's Desk

Not drowning

but waving

Hi all,

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to say a fond farewell to Linda as she steps down from her Centre Administrator role, though she will be too busy with Green Week and Eco Church to have had a job too anyway...


It was lovely to see Sheila present her with a garden token and some flowers, and to see everyone's faces on Zoom as Sheila went in to kiss Linda!


A memorable occasion all round!

This week the services will begin a new theme on characters of the Bible and be chosen by people who have felt a particular connection to them.


This week Ben will be speaking about Elijah.


Church@Home and Kids@Home continue at their usual times of 10.00am on You Tube, and the 8.00am service plus 11.00am coffee continue as ever on Zoom.

The roof work is going well at St. Leonard’s, but it is a little noisier than usual during the private prayer sessions.


Wootton times have changed to 10.00am-6.00pm on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


The Government has just announced that the use of face coverings is now to be mandatory in places of worship, so if you intend to visit please take something with you to wear.


I know if will feel odd, but it’s to protect others, and though it’s sad and strange it will be something we will just have to get used to over time and will become as natural an act as wearing your thickest warmest clothing to church in the winter…!!

Next Sunday (9th) the response to the is the Open Air Service at St. John’s has been overwhelming so we have had to split this into two services at 9 and 10.

As a result, we have also cancelled the proposed bring your own coffee time to ensure that people spend less time together and to accommodate more people safely. 

Going forward we will need to be much more proactive about responding speedily to these sorts of requests as we went from 4 – 40 in the space of 30 minutes.


If we start to have services in the churches we will have some kind of booking system, or seat allocation, so please make this your new academic year resolution, it does make everyone’s life so much easier.

The Oakley to Winchester Pilgrimage returns in the last weekend of September and this time it is over Saturday and Sunday, so no excises form us workers.


There obviously won’t be any staying over, communal meals etc, but we can walk and catch up on life, the environment and all the laughter we have missed out on!


There will be a brief blessing service at the Cathedral on the Sunday afternoon.


More information is in the Link magazine which is about to be distributed to every house free of charge, and no doubt will appear on our website too. 

The Pilgrimage has the honour of kicking off Green Week this year which will run from 26 September to 3 October.


The programme will be mainly based on Covid proof Zoom talks etc, but there will hopefully be walks, cycle rides etc which will be ‘real’.


If you have any connections to people who have green credentials or work for companies that do, please let us know. (we have signed up the Meaningful Chocolate Company already!!)


Please pop these dates into your diaries, so you don’t miss out.

I am on leave for the next fortnight (YIPPEE!!!!!) so Office@Home will be closed.


If you need some pastoral support please contact Sheila, for funerals and really important church related issues email Ben.


For tech support for readings, prayers etc, Graeme is your go-to person.


For anything else feel free to email the office and everything will be dealt with on my return.

I would be lying if I said that this year hasn’t been busy, tiring and full on.


I imagined that I might be furloughed at some point but I have worked way more hours that usual and will be glad to be able to not look at a screen all day.


I have heard many people say they are ‘Zoomed out’ and I know how lovely it is to actually see real people again, as the Film Group met last night in Marilyn and Rodney’s garden for an actual discussion.


It was so lovely to feel connected properly again, though we all missed Matt’s cat, Basil, making his usual appearance. 

I am looking forward to a break.


I love the simple pleasures in life, a walk along a beach or a cliff, sitting on a beach people watching, and I can’t wait to get in the sea for a bob about floating feet first over the unbroken waves.


If you throw in a cream tea, a crab pasty, and an ice cream or two (with a Flake obvs) you have my favourite relaxing pastimes. (I’ve just realised there is a lot of food mentioned here!)


To balance things out I’m also looking forward to reading a book (paper not screen!) and having a jigsaw puzzle on the go in the evenings.


So bring it on! Who needs a long haul flight, and an all you can eat buffet!!

Whatever you are up to over the next couple of weeks, stay safe, have fun, don’t get burnt, and I look forward to seeing your smiley faces at Zoom coffee on the 16 August and hearing all about the service at St. John’s,

Take care lovely peeps


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