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Conditions of Hire:
St Leonard's Centre

St Leonard's Centre, Rectory Road, Oakley  RG23 7EN


Conditions of Hire


Please read this statement before making a booking enquiry.


The Centre is a central part of the ministry of St Leonard’s Church, and, as such, it seeks to provide a Christian witness and serve the local community by allowing individuals and groups to hire the premises. The Centre operates its booking policy in line with Christian values which are based on the complete teaching of the Bible. The Centres Management Team reserves the right to refuse bookings for activities they consider to conflict with these values.


If you have questions about the above, please contact the Centre before booking.


1.  The person signing the application form shall be deemed to be the hirer.


2. These "Conditions of Hire" shall apply in all cases except in so far as they are varied or otherwise inconsistent with any "Special Conditions of Hire" hereinafter specified. 

Hirers are requested to return a signed copy of this document (obtainable from Centre Office) with their Booking Confirmation form indicating that they have read, understood and will comply with the Conditions of Hire.


3.  The full fee for the booking must be paid in full to the Centre Administrator no later than seven days prior to the hiring. Regular users are asked to inform the Centre Administrator of any alterations or cancellations otherwise a charge will be made to cover heating costs.  


4. Weekday access to the Centre is from 9.30am and no hirer, guest or group member is permitted on site before that time.


5. The hirer (or group leader) must be the first and the last person on site, taking responsibility for their guests/group, for setting up and for packing up.  The hire period must include "setting up" and "packing up" time. The rooms must be vacated by the end of the hire period.


 The hirer is responsible for the guests and for ensuring that numbers do not exceed those recommended by the Fire Safety Officer.  The hirer shall be responsible that good order is kept within and around the building during the hire.  Any property found after a hire will be kept at the Centre for a period of one month and then disposed of.


6.  The rooms must be left in a clean and orderly state to the satisfaction of the Centres Management Team. Any spillages must be cleaned up immediately.  A full range of cleaning equipment and materials is available in the kitchen, and in the cleaning cupboards. Furniture shall be left in an orderly manner with chairs being stacked safely. Any furniture borrowed from other rooms shall be returned to those rooms by the end of the hire period. Any matter brought into the building or grounds for the purpose of the hiring shall be removed by the end of the hire period. Unless stated in the "Special Conditions of Hire" there are no facilities for users to store equipment or materials in the building or grounds.


Any damages, loss or additional cleaning will be charged to the hirer. 


7.  Regular hirers are requested to give a copy of their Public Liability lnsurance Certificate to the Centre Administrator. Each hirer must have appropriate Health and Safety, and (if applicable) Child protection arrangements in place. Hirers are responsible for conducting their own Risk Assessments, to include ensuring that any specific arrangements relating to Covid-19 have been made.


8.  If equipment is brought in (e.g. bouncy castle, ball pool, discotheque equipment), the equipment remains the responsibility of the hirer and/or equipment operator. It is their responsibility to ensure that adequate personal accident and public liability insurance is in place.      


9.  Hirers are required to ensure that children are protected at all times, by taking all reasonable steps to prevent the occurrence of any injury, loss, damage or harm.  Appropriate adult supervision should be provided having regard for the following adult/child ratios: 0-2yrs - 1 Adult to 3 Children; 2-3yrs - 1 Adult to 4 Children; 3-8yrs - 1 Adult to 8 Children; Over 8yrs it is recommended a ratio of 1:15 is maintained.


10. The Centres Management Team is unable to accept bookings for 16th/18th/21st Birthday parties, or themed Halloween parties.  We recommend for children’s parties that the automatic front door is deactivated.


11.  Evening events are limited to a 10.30 pm finish (unless by prior arrangement), when all music must cease, the rooms you have been using cleaned and the building vacated by 11.30 pm at the latest.   Where a booking finishes at 10.30 pm hirers are required to provide the three homes closest to the Centre (details will be provided) with the name and phone number of  the person responsible for the hire.


12.  Noise will be constrained to a reasonable level. The hirer will ensure that guests leave the building and grounds quietly giving every consideration to local residents. No copyright, dramatic or musical work shall be performed or sung without the licence of the owner of the copyright and a copy of his/her permission shall be produced to the Centres Management Team if so required.     




13. All refuse is to be disposed of at the end of the hire period. There are waste and recycling bins in the centre grounds, but no glass recycling facilities so glass should be taken away for appropriate disposal. The hirer must make certain that no used nappies have been left in the waste-bins or building.


14. The hirer will not grant a sub-licence or otherwise part with possessions of all or any part of the rooms.


15. No alcohol shall be sold on the premises.


16. Fire regulations must be strictly observed. SMOKING lS NOT ALLOWED lN ANY PART OF THE BUILDING.  The hirer is responsible for ensuring that any electrical equipment they bring into the Centre is safe, in good working order and used in a safe manner.


17.  Appropriate first aid kits are available in the kitchen area, main entrance hall and upstairs area.  Accidents should be recorded in the Accident Book which is located with the first aid kit in the main entrance hall.  Accidents of a more serious nature (which require hospital attention) must be recorded in the Accident Book and also reported to the Church or Centre Administrator within 36 hours of the accident.


18. If the hire includes the use of the kitchen it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that regulations governing food preparation and handling are observed.


19. No bolts, nails, tacks, screws, etc, shall be driven into any part of the building. No placards or other articles may be affixed thereto or blue tack used unless permission is given by the Centres Management Team. Nothing may be adhered to painted walls.


20. No flags or other decorations may be displayed outside the building without prior permission from the Centres Management Team.


21.  No part of the building or grounds shall be used for the sale of furniture or real property by auction or otherwise, unless prior written permission has been obtained from the Centres Management Team.


22. The hirer shall fully secure the building on completion of hire i.e. doors and windows locked and lights off.


23. The right of entry to any part of the building is reserved to the Centres Management Team, any agent of them and any Police Officer at any time during the hiring.


24. The Centres Management Team reserves the right to cancel a hiring in the event of the building being required for church use. In this event a full refund of the hire fee will be made.  ln practice, this is only likely to occur if the church is required for a funeral.


25. The Centres Management Team and Oakley with Wootton Parochial Church Council shall not be responsible for any loss of or damage to:

- the property of any person in or about the building

- any loss, damage or injury which may be incurred of sustained by, or be done or happen to, any   person or persons resorting to the building and the grounds during the hiring

- any loss due to any breakdown of machinery, failure of electricity, gas or water and support services

- any loss caused by leakage of gas or water, fire, government restrictions or act of God which may cause the building to be temporarily closed or the hiring to be interrupted or cancelled. The hirer shall indemnify the Centres Management Team and Oakley with Wootton  Parochial Church Council against any claim which may arise out of the hiring or which may be any persons resorting to the building or the grounds during the hiring in respect of any loss, damage or injury.


26.  Car Parking – there are marked bays at the rear of the Centre for 12 cars.  Owners park at their own risk.  The Centres Management Team encourages hirers to lift share where possible.  For large events hirers may need to consider the use of marshalls to assist with parking. Designated parking bays for the disabled are for use by blue badge holders only.




I have read, understand and will comply with the above Conditions of Hire:



Signed: ……………………………………………………………….. (Hirer)  Date: 

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