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Oakley Evergreen

Oakley Evergreen, now in its twenty-first year is for those living on their own. We meet on the first Monday of every month in St Leonard's Centre

usually from 3.00-4.30pm

Evergreen 2.jpeg

Oakley Evergreen have just celebrated their twenty-first anniversary.


It is led by Marilyn and Rodney Scott who would be delighted to welcome you along.

Oakley Evergreen is for people living on their own or who are housebound.

During each meeting there is a time of fellowship and an opportunity to enjoy a speaker, entertainment or to take part in an activity.

Tea and delicious home-made cakes round off the afternoon.


At Christmas the Evergreens are invited to Oakley Junior School where they are festively entertained by the pupils.


Thanks to a donation from Community Care Evergreens also enjoy a couple of special lunches each year.

A team of volunteer drivers ensure that every Evergreen gets safely to each meeting- and home again free of charge.

If you would like further details about Oakley Evergreen, maybe for yourself or someone you know who would enjoy the afternoon please contact us.

Scrummy food and cake part of the twenty-first celebration meeting

The Land Girls, with their songs from the 1940s, are always popular when they visit. 

Plant pots.jpeg

Table Top Gardening is also huge fun!


And then there was the summer Cream Tea outing - clearly enjoyed by all!

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