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the Hub

These activity groups meet from 2.00-3.00pm at the Chapel by the Pond on Hill Road in Oakley. Enjoy a cup of tea, or coffee, a chat and a new interest.

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Please contact 01256 782 724 for more information


All newcomers will be very welcome!


Try exercises you can practise at home; pot cuttings to plant on, ask questions and learn more; enjoy making some fab flower

arrangements for minimal cost. It’s all good fun!

Each session is 2.00-3.30pm,meeting in the Chapel by the Pond in Oakley including time for a cuppa and chat. And of course we have fun!


Sitting and Standing Keep Fit

2.00-3.30pm Thursdays


Table Top Gardening

meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month,

2.00-3.30pm Wednesday19 February, 19 March.

2.00-3.30pm Wednesday 19 March

Flower Arranging

meets every 4th Wednesday of the month,

2.00-3.30pm Wednesday 26 February,

2.0o-3.30pm Wednesday 26 March

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