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Friends of St Lawrence

How to help us develop our church in Wootton

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Friends of St Lawrence Church

Wootton St Lawrence

St Lawrence for Our Time Project


The best way to protect our ancient church buildings as places of worship, sites of historical significance and assets

of local community life is to ensure that they remain living spaces that are used, loved and creatively adapted to meet the challenges of a new generation.

St Lawrence is a beautiful and historic church, but lacking in the very basic essential amenities of a water supply and toilet, making the church impractical for many events.

To ensure our church is maintained for future generations and thrives as a centre for the community, we are forming a Friends of St Lawrence group.


This is for anyone who cares for our beautiful church, its history and our local community.


We need people with enthusiasm to join us. If you have a love for, or connection with, St Lawrence Church or our community and would like to be involved in any way, please do contact us.


Our first remit will be to push an improvement project forward.


Aiming to provide a water supply, toilet, kitchen area and flexible space for gatherings.


We are in the process of asking architects to provide a feasibility study and a historical society to prepare a statement of significance, these are just the first steps.

If you have experience with similar projects, have a love of historical buildings or have experience of applying for grants, we would also be keen to hear from you and would welcome your advice.

Contacts: Shoffy, Serena, Teresa email:

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