Getting involved


When you feel you want to become more involved with St Leonard's there are many parts of the church that need your gifts and talents 


Within the Parish

There is a wide range of activities happening each week at St. Leonard’s Church and therefore numerous opportunities where you can engage, follow your interests and use your gifts and talents. 










Maybe you enjoy singing or playing an instrument.












It could be you have a passion for catering and hospitality.












Maybe you enjoy supporting the elderly or young mums.


There is something for everyone to be involved in.

Checkout some of the areas you can become connected and involved with.


At St. Leonard’s Church

There are many ways you can get involved in the life of St. Leonard’s Church both on Sundays and during the week in term times.

On a Sunday you may wish to be involved in some of the following areas...

  • Worship Team
  • Welcoming
  • Reading
  • Stewarding
  • Children’s work
  • Coffee Team


Or in the week you could volunteer with any of the following...

If you are interested please contact Penny in the office and she will put you in contact with the relevant person.

If you would like to help at St.Lawrence Church the best person to contact is Abigail Compton-Burnett 01256 781481 she often runs events for the village people of Wootton St. Lawrence and would be grateful for your support.

In our locality


Many people attending St. Leonard’s Church are involved in a wide range of local activities and projects both in the village and in Basingstoke Town Centre.


These include supporting the homeless and the hungry through BESOM in Basingstoke or helping as a street pastor; and supporting the local village schools through various activities.

These are just some of the areas Parishioners participate in.


Serving the community


Our Mission statement is ‘Living and loving like Jesus, so that lives are transformed and hope restored.’


In order to achieve this and to follow the example of Jesus we need be actively involved in our local community, identifying their needs and fears so that we can help them and contribute to the transformation of our local society.


Here are some of the projects and groups of people we are already engaged with...


Street Pastors


Some members of St. Leonard’s are Basingstoke Street Pastors.


Having a concern for young people who feel excluded and marginalised, the Street Pastors get to know young people in the community. 


Their role is about listening, caring and helping, particularly in a practical and unconditional way, and they can be found on the streets of Basingstoke on Friday and Saturday evenings.


This is also a local project the church supports financially through the Mission Action Group.

Homeless and Hungry

Besom in Basingstoke


The Besom in Basingstoke is a project that exists to bridge the gap between those want to give time, money, things and skills to those who are in need.


Many people attending St. Leonards provide non-perishable food items on a weekly basis to support families in need with food packs, others provide quality household items and others help to distribute all the items the project has received.


Maybe you enjoy gardening or decorating?


The Besom project will help match your gifts to assist those who need your help.

Christmas Hamper

At Christmas we provide items suitable to be given as part of a Christmas hamper.


These are distributed to those in need around the village.

Youth Cafe

Some members of St. Leonards help run and support the Youth Cafe which is based in the United Reformed Church, London Street, Basingstoke.


The Cafe provides a safe and peaceful environment for young people from local senior schools and colleges to come along to relax or work between 3.00pm – 6.00pm on Mondays- Thursday’s during term time.


Food is also provided to suit the tastes

and budgets of pupils and students.