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Bees at Work

Building a More Sustainable Community Together

Concerned over questions of sustainability,

ecological conservation, and climate change?


Keen to make a difference in your local community? 

                                                     Come and join us as we seek to reimagine what it                                                       looks like for Oakley and Wootton to become a                                                             more sustainable community.


                                                     We seek to harness the creative energy of our                                                             whole community to build a better way of life                                                               together. 


                                                     We welcome your input, ideas, and involvement. 

Over the last two years, the Oakley Green Week

project has sparked a range of green initiatives

in the village.


Building on these successes, a newly formed

local Green Team is launching a seasonal

programme of eco-events and activities

throughout 2021 – culminating in a bold

and diverse Green Week celebration in October.  

                                                      Our first seasonal weekend event in July will                                                                focus on how bees are so integral to our                                                                      environment, and the contribution beekeeping is                                                          making to the flourishing of our Green Ways and                                                          the countryside.

                                                      If you would like to engage with the work of the                                                            Green Team, please contact us to find out how to                                                        get involved.


There’s nothing we can’t achieve when we partner together. 

Email loveoakleygogreen@gmail.com 
Call Ken on 07725 832964

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