Helpful websites for difficult times

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If you know of similar websites that we could list here please contact us. . .


Saddleback Kids

A real favourite. Dozens of short Bible cartoons. 


Thy Kingdom Come

Focuses on prayer. 


Hello Story Together

Sharing stories. This is a place where you can find story-based resources that can become a significant part of people's lives.


Youth for Christ

This website is all about seeing young people's lives changed by Jesus.


24-7 Prayer

A non stop prayer site. It can help you kick-start and sustain your prayer life as well as inspire you to become an answer to prayer for others.


The Church of England

Contains everything you might ever have wanted to know about the Church of England


Here is one little tool that you might find helpful this year. If you’ve never encountered the Bible Project, this is a perfect time to do so. Allow me to commend to you a few of their short video resources …

The Gospel of Mark and

The Gospel of Luke and

The Gospel of the Kingdom

Sacrifice & Atonement