How is your eco lifestyle?

PREDICTED water shortages due to climate change is back in the news this week.  What can we do to save water?

  • Turn off taps and fix leaky taps

  • Shorter showers – every minute uses up to 17 litres!

  • Take shallow baths

  • Wash full machine loads – uses less than two half loads!

  • Incredibly, a full loaded dishwasher uses less than washing up in a bowl!

Save water, save money too!

Going Green

The Eco Church Project

ECO Church Project was launched in January 2016 and adopted by Winchester Diocese.


It is organised by A Rocha UK, a Christian environmental group – – and offers Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. 


Most people are conscious these days of being more ECO friendly and as a Church, St Leonards is also playing a part in this, however we would like to increase our contribution to protecting God’s creation.

To get started, we completed the A Rocha Survey covering five categories: Worship, Buildings, Land, Community and Global, and Lifestyle to assess how we meet the targets within each category. 


So far, we have achieved the Bronze Award in all five areas and will now be working towards achieving the Silver and eventually Going for Gold! 


You are all playing your part already by using the hand driers rather than the paper towels. 


Not only is this being ECO friendly, but also saving £300 per year in paper costs. 


Reading the Welcome sheet on-line is also helping to save printing and paper. 


Thank you for contributing to these savings and also for supporting our recent Fair Trade stall.  

If you have any ideas to help us move along our ECO pathway, please email these to Linda on 


Thank you for your continuing support!

When you've finished with that bottle of milk we can make really good use of your plastic milk bottle top by converting it into a charity donation.There are milk bottle top collecting points in St Leonard's Church and St Leonard's Centre.

Not as common in this email age as they used to be but used postage stamps are still very much of use to us. If possible please leave a margin of the original envelope around your used stamps.

And Crisp packets: 

Look out for the white cardboard collection box to the left of the entrance to St Leonard's Centre.  This is a promotion by Walkers, but all brands, even 'own label' from supermarkets, will be accepted.  Please support this so we can raise money for charity as well as do more recycling.

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