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Did you know that there is a local Facebook group promoting awareness of green issues & sustainability, a place where you can share ideas and news articles and pick up tips on reducing plastics, recycling more, repurposing items, eco-friendly shopping and all kinds of other useful information about saving our planet? 


It’s called Eco Zero Oakley and North Waltham.


If you aren’t a Face Book user, we are hoping to launch a website at some point but, for now, Facebook it is! You can find us at


We have produced some handy leaflets about ‘What and Where We Can Recycle’ listing all the items that can’t go in our Council green bins but can still be recycled locally. 


Did you know you can take rigid plastic packaging to Sainsbury’s?


And various types of soft plastic packaging too?


Aluminium foil and small electricals to Beach Park,

Tetrapaks and metal lids or bottle tops to Wade Road,

plastic bottle tops to Lush,

pens and printer cartridges to Ryman Stationers next door,

all kinds of everything to all kinds of places.


And a composter is great for vegetable peelings, tea bags and garden waste.


It’s amazing how little has to be thrown away in your black bin if you know where it can go to be recycled. 


The leaflets are in the ‘Files’ section of the FB group, or if you would like copies emailed to you, please contact Suzi or Jill ( or and we will happily send them to you. 


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