Resting in God's Healing Presence

The most valuable thing we have and we take with us into heaven is our deepening relationship with the Lord. Our pearl of great price, Matthew 13:45-46

In Matthew 7:21-23 God invites us to have an intimate relationship with Him which is based on much more than purely our knowledge, gift’s or talents.


Daily quiet intimate connection with God, a gentle time of just being with Him is the key to fruitfulness in every area of our lives. This may include Contemplative Prayer, Gentle worship, Christian meditation or simple silence.

Your relationship with God will deepen the more often you spend time in His presence. As we become more aware of His presence in do other people. As we become more affected by His presence in do those around us.


By taking time in the secret place to be with God, we start to walk by the Holy Spirit in everyday life. We find that rather than striving to achieve things for God, He builds His kingdom through us. "Not by might, not by power, but by His Spirit."


Our prayer is that you continue to give away all that the Lord so generously gives to you. The more we give away, the more His River of Life flows through us, which in turn impacts and refreshes all those we meet.


If you like to discover more, please read this guide

Introduction to Resting in God’s Healing Presence

How to enjoy Resting in God’s Healing Presence

Find a quiet place and a comfortable posture.


Remove possible distractions. phone on airplane mode or silent, close your laptop. You’ll know what distracts you.


Allow yourself sufficient time to enter into and enjoy God’s presence.

  1. Invite the Holy Spirit to come and fill you with His love.

  2. Listen to some gentle worship music or sit in silence.

  3. Silently give Him thanks and praise.

  4. As you wait, gently and deeply breathe.. be still.. and welcome God's loving presence.

  5. Pray simply or bring to mind a bible verse and gently repeat it, focussing all thoughts on Jesus.

  6. If you become distracted, note your thoughts down to deal with later, or become aware of them and let them go.

  7. Return to stillness and welcome God's loving presence.

  8. Simply be still. Listen. What might God be saying to you through the work of the Holy Spirit?

  9. Thank God for being with you. Return refreshed to the task of the day.


Resting in God’s Presence Playlists

Some people prefer to rest while listening to intimate worship music with meaningful words that quiet the soul and help them draw near to God followed by a time of resting in silence.

Here are some example playlists to enjoy. 

Resting Secure within my Father’s Arms Where can we go to escape the Love of God? (Psalm 139) No Matter what we do or wherever we go nothing can separate us from the love of God.  Surrender a little more of yourself and come to your Father just as you are. As you begin to rest in your Father’s Arms, immerse yourself within His tangible Love as expressed through Psalm 103 and Psalm 91.


Be Still The Lord will fight for you; you only need to be still. One of the main barriers to encountering God is that we are simply trying too hard. God's top tip to us is "just relax". As in Psalm 46:10, He put it this way, "Be still and know that I am God".


Soaking in His Presence Instrumental Soaking Worship

Encouraging Resources

Hosting the Presence  Bill Johnson

Guide to Contemplation. Pete Greig “On earth as it is in heaven” discover how spending time with God in silence can enrich our relationship with Him.

Encounter Prayer  Christian Healing Mission - Feeling Troubled? Hurting? Join our online encounter groups.

Trusting God Bill Johnson

The Ultimate Guide to Soaking in God’s Presence 


Biblical Meditation  Bill Johnson


Build your own Resting Playlist


1. Resting sessions can be short 5-10 mins or longer. You may find your time spent with God gradually increases as you begin just enjoying being with Him.

2. The suggested structure of your Resting in God’s Presence Session could be:


     a. A time of resting with worship music


     b. A little time in silence (perhaps about 5mins) just enjoying communion with God.


     c. Within the covering of the Lord’s presence, a time of praying as the Lord directs.

3. We suggest you create your own playlist for your planned resting session.

4. When selecting worship tracks for your playlist we suggest you aim for


     a. An initial time of adoration and praise (~25%)


     b. A time of gentle reflection with Biblical references(~50%)


     c. A time of quiet instrumental music slowing down towards a time of silence. (~25%)


5. Resting in God's Healing Presence Playlist provides a large variety of sung and instrumental YouTube Resting / Worship clips to choose from.


6. Sometimes the YouTube Ads interrupt the flow. Often people close their eyes while resting so the visual aspects of YouTube aren’t always appropriate. If you wish perhaps you could create your own audio playlist using your audio music player, Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music etc.