Green Week Photographic Competition



1st Rayyan Ahmad age 5,

2nd Ayan Amad age 7.

I do hope the elder brother is not too upset coming second to his younger sibling.


His image “Corona Virus” was colourful and striking.


A wider aperture would have helped to throw some of the busy background more out of focus so we could concentrate on the subject the photographer had chosen.


However Rayyan’s image was presented from a more interesting angle and it’s position in the frame was good.


The light was more kind and the background nicely diffuse.


Well done to them both.


Junior – there were no entrants.





















































































1st Ginny Pearson

2nd Tammy Pearson

Another opportunity to upset two siblings!


The duckling was an attractive, fluffy bundle and the head was sharply in focus, particularly the eye which had a nice highlight.


However the two berries really captured my attention.


The sharp focus on the two berries with their rich colour set against an attractive blue was helped by a softly diffused background to ensure attention remained on the photographer’s subject.


The position of the berries in the frame was good – a worthy winner.






























































































1st and 2nd Codey Ashton

3rd Kieran Pearson.

Outstanding image of a pale poppy.


Looking at a field of poppies it’s easy to get taken in by their beauty but difficult to capture something memorable in a photograph.


Often they are used as a foreground for a sunset or other significant feature.


But by positioning and choice of aperture the photographer has made us concentrate on their target – a pale poppy with delicate veins.


Well done!


The image of bees on a sunflower is good although attention can switch between the bees and the pattern of the flower.


The slightly out of focus background isn’t distracting as it sets the scene of a rustic country garden.


The image of a seashore has good potential.


The biggest problem is that the sea horizon isn’t horizontal!


The wet stones with their different colours are very attractive.


The image could probably have been improved by moving closer to the water and positioning the phone/camera closer to the ground.


If the junction of the sea and pebbles had started in the bottom left hand corner the curving shoreline would have led the eye though the picture to the headland.


If visiting this location again it would be good to experiment to see how the picture might be improved.




Photographs are not just about technical issues of sharpness; composition; correct colour and so forth.


They are also about action, telling a story or capturing a mood. It is a mixture of these factors which has informed the top 3 images in the adult section.


1st Tony Mudkins – Golden Hour.

2nd Samantha Baker – Harvest Time.


3rd Leaping Deer – Jill Gibson.

Rayyan Amad

Ayan Amad

Ginny Pearson

Tammy Pearson

Codey Ashton

Codey Ashton

Kieran Pearson

Tony Mudkins

Samantha Baker

Jill Gibson

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