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This year's Green week Art competition has an interesting and diverse mix of submissions, from painting, to collage, digital media to woodwork.


I would like to Commend all those who have taken part.

Two artworks in particular stood out to me one by

Charlie Paul (6) and another by

Brandon Bennett (11).


These two very different artworks both brought a smile to my face with their uplifting natural subjects.


Two young artists and nature enthusiasts to look out for in the future and I would like to Highly Commend their entries!

Ginny Pearson, age 15

Ginny’s welcome sign made from pallet wood is a good use of repurposed wood and a lovely welcoming sign.


The sunflower is both a happy welcoming flower and useful resource for wildlife.

Kieran Pearson, age 17 

Kieran’s bird boxes made from pallet wood.


Shows good woodworking skills.


Turning old pallets into useful homes for birds, therefore encouraging nature.

Tammy Pearson, age 14

Tammy’s candle holders made from off cuts is a good use of repurposed wood, and very well made.

Charlie Paul, age 6 HIGHLY COMMENDED

Charlie’s painting with nature collage is full of life and colour.


I was very impressed with this artwork and his handwritten explanation that came with it!


He has made excellent use of squash seeds for the prickles on his happy hedgehog.


I wonder if he has managed to spot one in his garden yet.


The wind turbine is a lovely touch for this green week picture.


This is my favourite artwork submitted as it made me smile. 

Linda Burrowes 

Linda’s ‘lockdown landscape’ shows her garden viewed through glass patio doors.


Outside the world is green and colourful plants flourish under a slightly forbidding sky.


Painted using a palette knife the emphasis is on loose handling of colour and texture.


The combination of collaged elements pertaining to Lockdown in different ways adds another layer of meaning to the painting.


I love all the little references to online shopping.


Something many of us have had experience with. 


In the context of green week it also brings to mind some of the wider issues of food production. 


Perhaps a little more precision in the painting of the door would provide a better contrast with the loosely painted areas.

Sarah Pearson

Sarah’s string art using repurposed old laminate flooring is a lovely use of repurposed materials.


The white string is just right for these snow-capped mountains and the wooden background gives it an all over rustic feel. 


A lovely minimalistic artwork that speaks to my more adventurous side. 


I wonder if different sizes of string could be used to give more depth to the artwork.  

Shane Bennett

Shane’s painting of green and gold fields leading up the church is a peaceful scene that I am sure many residents of Oakley will be familiar with.


However the gathering clouds give the scene a heavy almost ominous atmosphere as the church stands empty and quiet during lockdown. 


I feel that there could have been better use of more chromatic greys however I like the texture in the foreground.

Brandon Bennett, age 11. (HIGHLY COMMENDED)

Brandon’s digital media painting is of a flourishing forest with various animals, birds and a butterfly hiding among the tree.


I like the use of layering and overlapping which makes the image feel like a dense forest also the lack of sky and green background adds to this effect.


I especially like the cheeky fox peering out from behind a tree.

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