Our Plans for a Youth Worker

We are in the process of employing a full-time Youth Worker whose role will include an important emphasis on positive mental health and well-being


After such a testing and challenging time for young people we believe we have a wonderful opportunity to make a real difference.


This person will work closely with the children and youth at St Leonards, offering discipleship and mentoring alongside working in our schools and our community.


The role will include building relationships, providing pastoral support, sharing God’s love, providing safe and fun spaces for young people to explore and grow.


The youth worker will lead new outward projects and ventures as well as continuing to grow existing ones such as our Sunday children’s groups and The Gap youth group.


We are excited to invest in our young people, providing opportunity for them to grow in faith, self-esteem and confidence, giving them the opportunity to understand their worth and unlimited potential.


Let our voices and positive input from this role be louder than any negative influence over our young people’s lives.


We need your support to make this happen.


Would you contribute financially to enable us to move forward?


To make a lasting impact, this appointment needs to be for a minimum of three years. 


We already have some resources committed and are looking for further pledges of up to £90,000 over three years which means £2,500 a month.


If you feel able to be a part of this, please complete the form below and send it to our Treasurer by 31 October 2021. 


Please also speak to Helen Miller  if you have questions or feel you can support the project in other ways.

R E S P O N S E   F O R M


The information in this form will be treated in strict confidence


There are different ways that can be used to provide financial support to enable the church to employ a youth worker.    At this stage we are wanting to receive firm pledges and commitments of financial support.  These pledges will be activated only once a youth worker has accepted the offer of employment. 












We plan to employ the youth worker on a three year contract.

By selecting Submit Pledge this form will only be sent to the Church Treasurer.

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Youth Worker Response Form