Posada – Mary and Joseph in Oakley 2017

Mary does a little background reading whilst Joseph discovers who Batman is.

Mary and Joseph check out potential cots

Mary refines her horse/donkey riding skills

Good to see Joseph has caught up on a spot of food shopping

Mary and Joseph prove to be popular visitors in the Beech household

Mary and Joseph attempt to pull a cracker at the Christmas Dinner with a Twist in St Leonard’s Centre. Generously Joseph has given all his dinner to his wife.

Mary and Joseph continue to make new friends in the village. Joseph rather hopes Mary will think of giving him some Minion pjs too

Realising that they are going to be starting one of their own soon, Mary and even Joseph are now taking an interest in families.

Mary and Joseph arrive at another friend’s home

And quickly settle in

They particularly liked the friendly potatoes and a strange pale blue thing that flickered pictures at them

Next day it was off to the office. We’ve noticed before that its Mary who hogs the keyboard. Joseph knows his place.

Mary particularly liked the car seats. ‘So much safer than the uncomfortable saddle on the donkey,’ she commented.

At the end of another tiring day Joseph is pleased that Mary gets a check over from the nice Ambulance lady

Joseph is a little confused by the live stock. That’s a donkey, sure, but what sort of oxen has horns like that?

Mary seems happy with the animals so Joseph is too. Strangely , Mary keeps referring to the weather by saying “Joseph that’s rain, dear.”

Joseph displays an amazing ability to blow up balloons for the crib service. After all his lungs are about a fifth the size of that balloon.

One day Mary and Joseph checked out the Oakley shops.  They started with the chemists . . .

Called in on the butchers . . .

Met some very busy staff at the One Stop shop

And even had a table reserved for them at Jolly Olley’s. They were a bit vague about who the other little woolly friends were.