Project Harvest 2017


Many many thanks for all your efforts. We have raised an amazing £1800 enough for TWO water tower systems

ONE of the charities we regularly support is “Child of Hope” in Uganda. Bex and Moses Okotel (pictured) visited us earlier in the year and told exciting stories of their work with struggling families in Namatala, one of the poorest places on Earth.

Our 2017 Harvest Project was to provide for rainwater harvesting.

The school spends about about £1,000 a year on purchasing water from the national water company.

In addition, the water is regularly turned off and they have to struggle to send people out with jerry cans on multiple trips on motorcycles to look for water. Even this week, they have been without water for three days and yet Uganda is still in the rainy season!

The intention was to get a 5,000 litre tank, costing £800, and put it on top of a tower construction and have it all plumbed in to the guttering. That would give the school a great backup and probably save them a fair amount of cash in future years as well.

This appeal ran from Harvest Sunday to Christmas.

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St Leonard’s Church is Registered Charity Number 1131064