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Spring Harvest162976

Spring Harvest is a wonderful way to bridge gaps between those in the Church family that might never cross paths due to age, interests or simply time.

There have been so many friendships created at Spring Harvest and this great event is such a wonderful way to come together, as a Church and as a Christian faith, to worship our Wonderful and most inspiring God.

When at Spring Harvest you’ll be welcomed by a wonderful sense of happiness, togetherness, and dare I say it, hope.

The staff and volunteers that put the event together work tirelessly to make it a truly magnificent place to Worship God and be Christians amongst Christians.

There’s no hiding from the overpowering feeling of the Holy Spirit, and the Bible readings are relevant to almost every life.

Walking around the Butlins site is safe, secure and friendly.

There is plenty for families of all abilities to get excited about: whether it’s the Morning Family Worship, the Bible teaching, the swimming pool, Go karts, fun fair, beach, evening Celebration to our Amazing God, or simply relaxing, you’ll be sure to have a wonderful time.

So join us, hand in hand to celebrate the greatness of our Wonderful, most Awesome God, at Spring Harvest 2017. 8 -13 April.

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Great Wood Scripture Union

Great Wood

The Scripture Union Family Bible Holiday is a weekend spent in the Great Wood, Over Stowey, Somerset in custom built cabins.

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet families of similar ages and situations and also ‘get your hands dirty’.

There is a real ‘take responsibility for yourself’ attitude which means you can play and have fun without worrying about red tape, but ensuring your own safety.

The site is set in the Great Wood and is owned by Scripture Union.

The camp is run by Steve and Judy Hutchinson and is for families with Children aged 11 and under.

There’s plenty to do with art, crafts, wood work, walks, camp fires, playing football, Worship….and plenty of food. It really is a wonderful way to spend a Bank Holiday weekend at the beginning of May.