Life Groups

Each one consists of between six and twelve members of St Leonard’s Church.

Groups meet either during the day or in the evening on a weekly basis in term time, mostly in members’ homes and are encouraging places where you’d be very welcome.

We base what we do on the Cell Church principles of loving God, each other and our community in a small group setting. It’s a great way to gain a sense of belonging, get to know and support each other and an opportunity to learn and grow in your faith.

Each small group is based around the following beliefs/values, that:

  • Jesus is at the centre of the group and of each person’s life
  • Christian community is built and reinforced through relationships
  • Each member can grow in their Christian faith and knowledge of God
  • Every member can be released to minister to others in the church, seen as the Body of Christ
  • Every member can be involved in serving the community and demonstrating their faith through witness.

If you are interested in finding out more about Life Groups or would like to join a group please contact the Church Office 01256 782724